How to Keep Your Health from Falling Behind this Season

How to Keep Your Health from Falling Behind this Season

For most people, it can be difficult to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle once the last nice days of fall are gone. The daylight hours disappear quickly and the weather can be unpredictable. Outside activity becomes limited to weekends, competing with errands and social engagements.

Fall can also mean larger meals. Almost by instinct, we switch to heartier and fattening foods which build up to Thanksgiving — a full day of eating for many! Somehow salads and smoothies don’t seem as appealing as they did only a few weeks ago. It doesn’t stop there; pies and cookies are showing up everywhere while leftover Halloween candy still lingers at home and the office.

If these challenges weren’t enough — it’s the start of cold and flu season! Catching something from all of the sneezing and coughing is going around will be difficult to avoid.

And so, the lead up to the holidays begins with less physical activity and more potential downtime from being sick. Here are a few tips to help maintain good health through the fall.


Try to schedule time each day doing something active. Make a list of half-hour exercise options that you can do at home and then pick one five days per week. Fall is a great time to begin indoor activities such as the gym, yoga, or the martial arts or dance class that you’ve been meaning to try!


It’s difficult to avoid the temptation of holiday foods and treats. Plan meals in advance with healthy options and prepare healthy snacks to bring to work or on the go (our recipe ideas). If you do eat that pie, add more vegetables and increase your activity time to balance the effects of all that sugar.

Consider taking ecoMetabolic™ from ecoNugenics. This natural supplement helps keep your metabolism up while doing two important things: #1 reduce sugar cravings, and #2 help with fat absorption. Perfect for this time of year!


Building a strong immune system with regular physical activity and a healthy diet is your best defense, but some-times you need additional support.  In addition to healthy activity and nutrition, try taking a supplement that supports and strengthens your immune system such as ecoNugenics Mycophyto® Complex, a blend of six medicinal mushrooms, cultivated on a blend of immune enhancing herbs and botanicals. This potent immune system defender can help build your resilience against the cold and flu.