Top Mushrooms that Boost Overall Health

Top Mushrooms that Boost Overall Health

How medicinal mushrooms help support your immune system at the office, in school, during travel and more.

It all started more than 2,000 years ago in Asia. What did ancient Asian herbalists know about working in an office, or traveling in a crowded airplane? Probably not much, but what they did know is that combining beneficial mushrooms, herbs, and traditional wellness protocols could offer benefits for many areas of health, including things like occasional colds and flus.

Led by holistic health pioneer Isaac Eliaz, MD, EcoNugenics research and development team has brought these ancient approaches and traditional botanical methods into the modern age. We’ve applied scientific research to identify the positive properties of mushrooms and further enhance them, creating a potent and unique blend of beneficial mushrooms for strong immune support.

How does it work?

Our powerful formula of six medicinal mushrooms is cultivated indoors on a blend of immune supporting herbs and organic brown rice. This rich, nutritious growing medium allows the mushrooms to absorb and assimilate the benefits of the herbs and nutrients. The potent and beneficial mushroom mycelium (the “root like” form of the mushrooms) are dried and milled into a powder, and the blend is fortified with additional beta glucans: Powerful immune-modulating compounds found in fungi, oats and other sources.

There it is: Thousands of years of knowledge combined with modern scientific methods and innovative cultivation techniques to support your immune system from multiple angles. We call this unique blend MycoPhyto Complex®

MycoPhyto Complex® is available in easy vegetable-based capsules or as a powder, as well as in convenient single dose vegetable soup packets. Your immune system works hard to maintain your health and wellness – now you can return the favor by giving it targeted support with these time-tested, botanically enhanced mushrooms.

Tell me more about these amazing fungi!


  • (Coriolus) Coriolus versicolor (aka Trametes versicolor): Researchers have isolated and identified two substances (PSP & PSK) which offer significant support for the immune system.
  • (Reishi) Ganoderma lucidum: This mushroom is particularly good for cardiovascular health and also offers benefits for cellular health, respiratory health and more.
  • (Agaricus) Agaricus blazei: Supports the immune system, cardiovascular health and metabolic balance.
  • (Cordyceps) Cordyceps sinensis: This unique fungi boasts a long history of uses to support the immune system, respiratory health, vital energy and more.
  • (Umbellatus) Polyporus umbellatus: This mushroom contains bioactive compounds that are shown to support cellular health and the immune system.
  • (Maitake) Grifola frondosa: Supports immunity, healthy blood sugar, cardiovascular health and metabolic balance.

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  1. E. Francis Pinto at 9:09 am

    Personally, I totally eradicated my allergies with the use of Plant Sterols (Beta, Sito, Brassica etc.) more than 14 years ago. Of course, I take Plant Sterol capsules twice daily religiously! But, it’s worth it and will continue to do so for ever more. And, about 5 years ago I also started taking medicinal mushrooms (Turkey Tail, Cordyseps Sinensis, Shitake, Maitake, etc. which are truly natures’ wonder drug gift to humanity ensuring total wellness and free of any and all ailments!