PectaSol MCP

New Research: Love Your Heart with PectaSol-C®

It’s no coincidence that Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month both fall in February. While for centuries the heart has been associated with love, we don’t always love our hearts. We may lead stressful lives, eat the wrong kinds of food (and too much of it), smoke or neglect to exercise. While the heart is an amazing organ, beating continuously our entire lives, it has limits. Fortunately, simple things, like stress relief, exercise and diet can make a big difference in heart health. And new research shows how PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) works to support a healthy cardiovascular system, among its other remarkable benefits.

Tips for Fighting This Year’s Flu

Flu season is hitting hard this year. With the early arrival of more aggressive strains and higher levels of activity, the influenza outbreak has reached epidemic proportions. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn the outbreak may be the worst in a decade. Furthermore, this year’s vaccine is only estimated to be 62% effective in those who do get vaccinated. The good news is that no one is helpless in the face of the flu. There are a number of ways to prime your immune system and sail through cold and flu season unharmed. These tips can help you avoid getting sick, and facilitate faster recovery if you do fall ill.
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