Research suggests THIS might be your best move on Earth Day

Research suggests THIS might be your best move on Earth Day

Our bodies need exercise more than ever and walking is one of the easiest choices for a healthy activity—as a matter of fact, research suggests it just might be your best move.

Walking offers an easy and gentle exercise option. Think about it—you can walk anywhere! Park your car further away at the grocery store or do some short laps around the office. Walking keeps our systems running smoothly without having to participate in high-powered activities like jogging or competitive sports.

The natural rhythm in taking a walk, especially in nature, has been shown to offer overall health benefits to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Earthing on Earth Day

Have you ever heard of the term “Earthing”? Earthing is the practice of walking barefoot on the earth so you make direct contact with the Earth’s surface ground—and this does not include walking barefoot on asphalt or pavement.

Published studies on earthing show that electrons on the Earth’s surface offer numerous health benefits, including:

• Increased antioxidant protection
• Reduced inflammation
• Reduced pain
• Cortisol and hormone balance
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Reduced blood viscosity
• More restful sleep
• Other benefits

If “April showers” takes a break on Earth Day, you should try earthing! There are several peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals that point to a very real phenomenon. But if you don’t want to walk barefoot, it’s OK—you can still gain significant benefits from walking. Numerous studies show that simple walking, when done daily, can reduce the risk of a variety of cancers, like breast and colon cancer. Plus, it has long been known that regular exercise can improve risk factors for many serious health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more.

Supplement Your Efforts

Every exercise plan starts with the best intentions and sometimes we just need a little help to supplement our efforts. Padma Basic®, a botanical compound that is backed by over 35 published clinical studies, works through multiple mechanisms to offer a wide range of health benefits:

• Supports cardiovascular health and circulation *
• Actively promotes cellular health*
• Maintains balanced immune function*
• Supports joints and muscles*
• Supports respiratory health*
• Provides powerful antioxidant support*
Take a walk and take your supplements! Sounds simple enough, right? Don’t let Spring showers stop you — add more walking into your day and reap the benefits all year long.