Avoid these Common Detox Mistakes

Avoid these Common Detox Mistakes

A gentle, seasonal spring cleanse offers numerous health benefits, but as with any new program, it’s important start slowly and go easy on yourself. One common issue with many detox protocols is that they promise a “quick fix” using harsh ingredients that can send the body into a “detox crisis” with difficult reactions like headaches, digestive issues, lethargy, brain fog and more. This is considered by some to be a positive sign that the detox program is working.

However, there are easier, more comfortable and safer ways to remove toxins from the body and avoid unpleasant detox reactions. These three easy tips can help you avoid detox mistakes and make your next cleanse a refreshing path to optimal health.

Detox pitfall No. 1: Detoxing too quickly

This is the most common problem with many extreme or short-term detox programs, as well as rapid weight loss, as these practices can encourage the release of too many toxins from organs and tissues all at once. Toxins are quickly released into the circulation, and the body’s elimination systems become overburdened, causing reactions like headaches, fatigue and digestive upset.  The resulting discomfort can lead many people to discontinue the detox process without thoroughly addressing their toxic body burden.

How to avoid this pitfall: Start your cleanse gradually. Begin with a gentle detoxification formula, such as PectaClear®.  A combination of PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin and sodium alginates, this clinically researched formula promotes the safe removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins from the digestive tract and circulation, without affecting essential minerals or causing uncomfortable side effects.

To address a high body burden of heavy metals and environmental toxins, PectaClear may be used for three to four weeks, as Phase I of a two-step detoxification process. This initial phase of detoxification can also be supported by slowly modifying your diet to emphasize nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods, with a focus on organic vegetables and lean or plant-based protein. Gradually eliminate refined ingredients such as sugar, white flour, cooked oils and food additives that hinder the detox process.*

Once you’ve reduced your levels of circulating toxins, you can incorporate a more in-depth detoxification supplement like ecoDetox™. This total body detox formula includes targeted botanicals and nutrients to support the liver, kidneys and other detox organs, for more thorough toxin removal without causing a “detox reaction.” ecoDetox also supports the body’s innate detoxification capacities at the cellular and genetic levels, while providing antioxidant and vital energy support. This unique formula can also be used alone as a powerful way to support the body’s daily detoxification capacities.*

Detox pitfall No. 2: Dehydration

Many of us walk around chronically dehydrated every day. During detoxification, this situation can worsen. Your body needs extra hydration during a cleanse to flush out toxins and keep the intestines moving. Otherwise, waste products become stuck in transit, causing numerous uncomfortable symptoms and increasing your toxic body burden.

Simple Solution: During all phases of your cleanse, drink up to 1 gallon of purified water daily (this can include herbal teas). Vegetable broths that are free of additional salt can also help hydrate and nourish. Avoid table salt and dehydrated foods; both can be very drying.

To keep digestion moving efficiently during a cleanse and year-round, ecoNugenics recommends Integrative Digestive Formula. This synergistic blend of 19 botanicals, enzymes and nutrients, including cardamom, pomegranate, licorice and medicinal mushrooms, works to enhance digestive and detoxification capacity and alleviate occasional digestive discomfort.*

Detox pitfall No. 3: Cravings, cravings and more cravings

For many people, simply finding the discipline to follow a detox diet is the greatest challenge. Even the most diligent health-conscious people sometimes succumb to the plethora of temptations surrounding us. If you stray away from your detox program, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always start again.

How to cut down cravings: For most people, it actually takes only a few days of a whole food detox diet before their bodies and minds begin to hunger for healthier items. But sweet longings can still linger. That’s where certain botanicals and nutrients offer strategic support, by curbing cravings for unhealthy foods. ecoNugenics targeted metabolic formula, ecoMetabolic™ is an excellent choice during a cleanse and as a daily supplement because it works to eliminate sugar cravings and balance blood glucose to prevent crashes. This unique formula is made with a blend of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbs and botanicals, together with targeted nutrients, to support healthy metabolism, balance glucose and insulin levels, and cut cravings.*

Achieve greater vitality naturally

A well-planned seasonal cleanse can help you gain significant momentum on your journey toward greater health and vitality. Together with a cleansing diet, regular exercise and healthy stress relief, these detox tips can help support a safe, enjoyable and revitalizing cleanse experience.