Enhance the Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms

Enhance the Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms

At ecoNugenics, we hold a deep respect for mushrooms, and with good reason. Mushrooms are some of the most powerful botanicals known to man. This is not news — traditional healers worldwide have long revered the remarkable health-promoting properties offered by over 200 hundred species of mushrooms. Today, mushrooms are regaining significance in modern healthcare, as a multitude of scientific research is confirming the benefits that certain fungi can provide.
Mushrooms are rich in antioxidant and cell-supporting compounds. They also promote strong immunity and other critical areas of health. In fact, a number of pharmaceutical companies are working to isolate certain active components from mushrooms to see if they can use them to create new therapies.
unnamed-4We applaud their efforts, but at the same time, we don’t want to lose the benefits offered by the multitude of complex compounds found in many mushrooms. These diverse components in mushrooms work together synergistically to deliver remarkable health-promoting benefits that we’re only just beginning to understand.
While isolating certain compounds in botanicals can certainly offer greater benefits in some cases, we believe that when it comes to mushrooms, the best approach is to enhance the whole mushroom. By doing this, we can effectively fortify the entire spectrum of benefits.
That’s exactly what we’ve done with MycoPhyto® Complex, a powerful, fast-acting mushroom immune formula that is enhanced by a revolutionary growing medium. The mushrooms in MycoPhyto Complex are carefully cultivated on a blend of immune-supporting botanicals, which enhances the formula’s potency and efficacy. MycoPhyto Complex is excellent anytime powerful, active, rapid immune support is needed. It’s also an effective solution for priming the immune system during fall and winter, in preparation for cold and flu season.*
unnamed-3MycoPhyto Complex
is a blend of six potent mushrooms that work together to offer broad-spectrum benefits across multiple areas of health*:

– Coriolus versicolor contain two compounds, called PSP and PSK, that work together with other compounds in the mushroom to support the immune system and promote cellular health* 

-Ganoderma lucidum supports the respiratory and cardiovascular systems while also helping maintain immunity and cellular health*

-Agaricus blazei provides strong immune system support, while also modulating cardiovascular health and metabolic balance*

-Cordyceps sinensis supports the immune system, respiratory health and vital energy*

-Polyporus umbellatus supports cellular health and the immune system*

-Grifola frondosa supports immunity, balanced blood sugar, cardiovascular health and metabolism*

We take great care in producing our mushroom formulas, because we know what these great fungi can accomplish if prepared correctly. They are among the most important botanicals in our integrative medicine toolkit, as published research continues to demonstrate multi-system benefits for both acute and long-term health support.

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