New Research: Love Your Heart with PectaSol-C®

It’s no coincidence that Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month both fall in February. While for centuries the heart has been associated with love, we don’t always love our hearts. We may lead stressful lives, eat the wrong kinds of food (and too much of it), smoke or neglect to exercise. While the heart is an amazing organ, beating continuously our entire lives, it has limits. Fortunately, simple things, like stress relief, exercise and diet can make a big difference in heart health. And new research shows how PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) works to support a healthy cardiovascular system, among its other remarkable benefits.

Take Action

Of all the factors that influence health, diet may have the greatest impact. Perhaps the most important way any of us can love our hearts is by making good food choices. Fruits, vegetables, whole gains—the heart loves them. What the heart does not love are foods with refined sugars, trans-fats and highly processed ingredients full of toxins.

On the other side of the ledger, unless we’re a triathlete, we could all benefit from more physical activity. Exercise is like a magic bullet for heart health. In addition to conditioning the cardiovascular system and burning calories, activity also reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. Remember, exercise does not have to be painful. Brisk walking, 30 minutes a day, can do wonders.

Healthy stress relief is critical. The complex relationship between mental/emotional health and physical resilience—particularly in areas of heart health, immunity and cellular health—is well documented. Stress affects our hearts in a big way. So take time to slow down, breathe deeply and practice mind-body relaxation methods such as mindful meditation, yoga, Qi Gong or other proven de-stressing exercises.

New Research on PectaSol-C

Another way we can help our hearts is by supplementing wisely. One of EcoNugenics top recommendations for heart health is PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP).

PectaSol-C directly supports heart health by controlling a protein called Galectin-3. In fact, recent research published by the American Heart Association, showed that PectaSol-C’s ability to bind to Galectin-3 promoted cardiovascular health significantly.

Today, the relationship between Galectin-3 and the cardiovascular system has become so well established that the Food and Drug Administration has approved a Galectin-3 test to help maintain heart health. This test is now widely available.

Winter Heart Health

There’s another reason why February is a good time to support a healthy heart—winter appears to be more stressful on the cardiovascular system. Scientists aren’t entirely sure how the winter affects our hearts—it may have something to do with immunity, the holidays or even seasonal mood swings.  Regardless, with so many simple ways to support cardiovascular health, this season presents a perfect opportunity to love your heart.