Pure Honokiol: A Powerful Tool for Health

Pure Honokiol: A Powerful Tool for Health

Quite often, the most powerful botanicals come from unexpected sources. Honokiol is an example. Derived from the bark of the Magnolia tree, honokiol is a highly active polyphenol compound that supports multiple areas of health. It works in fighting oxidation, supporting healthy inflammation responses (after intense exercise for example), promoting brain and neurological health, maintaining healthy cell function and more. Perhaps that’s why some practitioners are calling it “The Swiss Army Knife” of integrative health.

Ultimately, purified honokiol is one of our greatest tools, offering a multitude of remarkable benefits. Here is a partial list of what honokiol can do.

Fighting Oxidation

Oxidation has a light and a dark side. Immune cells use oxygen compounds, often called reactive oxygen species, as chemical weaponry to take out intruders. In addition, organelles called lysosomes act as cellular garbage trucks, cleaning up spent proteins and other waste products. Again, reactive oxygen is an important piece in their toolbox.

Like so many other biological processes, oxidation in excess is something we need to avoid. Aberrant molecules called free radicals disrupt cell function and even impact DNA. This is where oxidation can get ugly. In addition, oxidized cholesterol can have a serious impact on cardiovascular health.

Fortunately, honokiol has the ability to mop up oxidative molecules. One research paper showed that honokiol can effectively address free radicals and promote cellular health. Another study found that honokiol reduces the reactive oxygen that affects brain health. The ability to neutralize free radicals offers a diverse array of health benefits.

Normal Inflammation

Like oxidation, inflammation performs important immune and repair functions. But again, too much of a good thing can have a downside. Take the normal inflammation in the body that occurs after too much exercise. We overdid it on the big hike last weekend, and now we’re paying the price with achy, burning, fatigued muscles.

Pure honokiol can help. It is shown to support muscle tissue and promote optimal recovery after exercise, by addressing the inflammation that occurs from over-activity.

Cellular Health

Perhaps one of honokiol’s most important attributes is its ability to support cellular health through multiple mechanisms related to cell signaling and gene expression. One study showed that the botanical has a powerful impact on pancreatic cells. That same research showed that honokiol synergizes with conventional approaches to cellular health. This synergy has also been shown when combined with approaches that address colon cellular health.

Healthy Mood

One of honokiol’s most ancient uses is to support relaxation. A number of studies have shown it can support a feeling of natural calm and promote a healthy mood. These effects can be associated with the botanical’s well-documented ability to modulate the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that has a role in promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Purity and Concentration Matters

While these studies address a variety of honokiol’s capabilities, they have one thing in common: the honokiol researchers used was the most concentrated form available.

This is an incredibly important distinction, because many products contain honokiol that isn’t pure. Instead, it’s available together with other compounds, namely Magnolol, which may interfere with honokiol’s effectiveness in certain areas of health.

That’s why ecoNugenics recommends HonoPure® 98 % pure honokiol — the highest purity and concentration available.*

Whether the goal is to support healthy mood, increase antioxidant activity, or support cellular health, high purity translates into increased activity.*

You can see why HonoPure® is becoming a prized botanical in the nutraceutical world. For its sheer power and versatility, there just aren’t many competitors in the same class.*