Spices & Herbs: Nature’s Powerful Healers

Spices & Herbs: Nature’s Powerful Healers

Aromatic herbs and spices do more than transform bland food into a sumptuous delight to the senses. Spices are some of nature’s most powerful healers. The taste sensations they impart are more than just the cure for a boring meal; they can actually have numerous important health benefits. Specifically, the compounds that give these spices their strong flavors and aromas are rich with phytochemicals and essential oils that promote health from numerous angles.

Here are some common flavorful spices and herbs that can work wonders for your health.

Thyme: Treats Infections, Inflammation and Respiratory Issues

An age-old traditional healer, thyme is a versatile, aromatic herb with numerous health benefits. It may be best known as a powerful antiseptic due to the actions of thymol, the volatile oil found in all types of thyme. Thymol is used topically and orally to help fight infections, even stubborn ones such as drug-resistant bacterial infections. Thyme is also used to help aid respiratory function, provide powerful antioxidant support, aid healthy circulation, reduce inflammation and support digestion.

Rosemary: Super Antioxidant

Aside from imparting delicious flavor to grilled meats, there’s another reason for adding rosemary to your barbecue menu: Its powerful antioxidant abilities help prevent health-robbing compounds from being produced when you overcook meats and other foods.

These harmful compounds called HCAs (heterocyclic amines) form during the overcooking of meats and can damage DNA, increasing health risks across the board. However, several studies show that adding rosemary to meats before grilling or cooking can reduce HCAs by up to 60 percent or more. Rosemary’s antioxidant abilities don’t stop there though: it’s also used to promote heavy metal removal, detoxification and skin health. Rosemary has also been studied for its benefits in cognitive health and memory, digestive and cellular health and detoxification.

Caraway Seed: Digestive Aid and More

Most people are familiar with caraway seeds from rye bread, particularly popular throughout Europe. Dried caraway seeds are aromatic, but the flavor really comes out during cooking. Caraway is an important digestive aid, shown in combination with peppermint to work better than commercial antacids. Both peppermint and caraway contain a compound called carvone which helps calm the digestive tract and reduce upset stomach. It’s also been found to support cardiovascular health by reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels, and support metabolic health by promoting healthy blood sugar levels. It’s also been used traditionally to increase immunity.

Coriander: Cilantro Super Seed

Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant and has been used traditionally all over the world as a powerful natural medicine. While cilantro leaves are useful for detoxification, immune support and other areas of health, coriander works to support digestion, cardiovascular health and more. It’s been used traditionally to treat digestive upset and other digestive conditions, promote healthy skin, aid circulation and increase overall relaxation. Its other benefits include supporting cellular health and heavy metal removal.

Fennel Seed: Soothing Protection

Fennel’s therapeutic benefits originate in many parts of the plant. Fennel seeds have the familiar licorice taste and are rich sources of healing phytonutrients that have been researched in numerous areas of health. Fennel can help balance and boost women’s health. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Some studies indicate it is more powerful than Vitamin E in combating harmful free radicals. Studies show it can help improve long-term memory by boosting acetylcholine activity in the brain. Fennel seed is also shown to support heart health and circulation as well as proper digestive function.

Unique Herbal Formula

ecoNugenics Padma Basic® is based on a centuries-old Tibetan formula for cardiovascular health, immunity and overall wellness. Padma Basic® blends 19 unique botanicals that are rich in aromatic compounds and phytochemicals, offering multiple benefits for long-term health and wellness.*

Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, certain spices can work on numerous levels, including the encouragement of specific health-promoting genetic expression. In other words, certain spices, herbs and botanical medicines appear to “talk” to our genes and influence their behavior for greater long-term health and vitality. By incorporating these time-honored healers into your regular diet, you can greatly boost your overall health and add some extra excitement to your diet as well.