The Dangers of Colon Cleansing

The Dangers of Colon Cleansing

Detox has become a big deal these days. Countless health-conscious people view detoxification and cleansing as a fast track to greater vitality, more youthful energy and better overall health. The truth is however, the process isn’t a quick-fix.

It take years for toxins to accumulate deep within, and removing them safely takes time – but those with patience, diligence and the right information can be rewarded with incredible, lasting benefits. Still, many people are lured by the rapid results offered by colonics and other intense cleanse programs, which is why these practices are often found at the forefront of today’s detox trends.

Unfortunately, many of these colon purging programs don’t generate lasting results, and worse, with harsh bowel cleansing ingredients and protocols, they can potentially cause more harm than good. This is because colon cleansing is only one aspect of the body’s sophisticated network of detoxification cycles.

Holistic Approaches

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one system that teaches us exactly how these detox cycles are related, and which steps to follow for optimal cleansing and rejuvenation. Detox complications such as increased oxidative stress, vital energy depletion and toxin re-absorption must be strategically prevented.

A singular focus on bowel cleansing doesn’t address the toxins stored within organs and tissues, or chronic health issues related to overall toxic body burden. In addition, it can weaken your system and also cause the dreaded “healing crisis” where the toxins are stuck in transit, and reabsorbed into the circulation.

While bowel cleanses can be beneficial – many people certainly swear by these practices — their long-term success is much better achieved within a complete holistic program. By following a gentle, total-body approach, we can achieve long-term health goals without the abrasive “quick fixes.”

That’s why it’s important to start detoxification gradually. The first step is to set the foundation with a deeply cleansing and nourishing diet.

Targeted Detox Supplements

Supplementation with natural ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, modified citrus pectin (MCP) and seaweed-derived alginates can help to gently yet effectively clear toxins from the digestive tract and circulation – a critical first step when incorporating specific detox supplements. ecoNugenics recommends PectaClear® Environmental Toxin Cleanse, a blend of MCP and alginates shown to remove heavy metals and environmental toxins, safely without affecting essential mineral levels.*

Slowly we advance to more thorough detoxification, using nutrients and herbs such as sulfured amino acids, milk thistle, dandelion, Chinese similax, astragalus, and other botanicals and nutrients. These natural detoxifying agents have their own affinities for specific organs and systems and work synergistically to remove toxins from deep within.*

An excellent detox supplement containing these and other ingredients is ecoDetox™. This formula also helps to boost vital energy and combat the oxidative stress caused during toxin removal. ecoDetox™ also supports healthy methylation activity to optimize detoxification at the genetic level.*

Embracing Natural Rhythms

Over 50% of our time is spent detoxifying through the natural rhythms of the body. Our life is a continuous flow between nourishment, detoxification and transformation. The breath cycle is an excellent example: every time we exhale, we detoxify and let go, releasing CO2 and toxins. When we inhale, we nourish ourselves with fresh air — fresh nourishment from the universe.

In between the exhalation and inhalation, rests the vital opportunity to let go. This is where we can get in touch with our core being, an opportunity for growth and transformation on all levels. By harmonizing our cleansing programs with our own natural detox rhythms, we can experience more comfortable and complete detoxification for true long-term healing and vitality.