Travel Health Essentials: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

Travel Health Essentials: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

Finally, you get to go on your first real vacation in quite some time. Flights are booked and your hotel room is reserved. You’ve even splurged on a new outfit for a night on the town. It’s going to be perfect…

…just as soon as you actually get there.

Whoever said, “life’s about the journey, not the destination,” probably never spent time on a cramped plane or in a crowded airport. Let’s make sure your journey is as perfect as your destination, so you can enjoy your hard-earned trip to the fullest.


Good circulation is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. When you sit in one position for a long period of time – especially a cramped position as is usually the case on a plane – your circulation, particularly in your legs, becomes impaired. Combined with air pressure from flying, sluggish circulation in your legs can result in swollen feet and blocked blood flow.

Here are a few ways to support healthy circulation while travelling:

  • Move around: If you’re on a plane, opt for an aisle seat so you can get up, stretch and move around from time to time.
  • Hydrate: Dehydration can thicken the blood and slow circulation, so drink plenty of water before, during and after your trip.
  • Eat some curry: Turmeric, a common spice in curry, has in it a phytochemical called curcumin which is known for a variety of health benefits, including circulation support.* Both turmeric and curcumin can also be found in supplement form.
  • Drink ginger tea: The wonderfully warming ginger root is known to support circulation. It also promotes healthy digestion and occasional nausea, which is a plus for those of you who experience travel sickness!* Bring some fresh slices with you so you can add them to tea or plain hot water.
  • Padma Basic®: This comprehensive Tibetan herbal formula has decades of research showing its support for healthy cardiovascular, immune and circulatory systems.*
  • Circutol®: The Nattokinase and medicinal herbs in this formula support healthy circulation and overall cardiovascular health.*


Your body doesn’t understand it: Even though it may only be 8pm where you came from, it isn’t 8pm where you are now. Help your body adjust to the time differences when you arrive at your destination and when you return home.

Harmonize your sleep: Small amounts of melatonin can help you get to sleep at the right local time, to help re-set your internal clock. In addition, HonoPure® 98% pure honokiol is a gentle way to help you relax and get some rest. HonoPure also has the added benefit of supporting a healthy mood and reducing occasional anxiety, which can be helpful when you’re navigating new ground.*


The average airplane carries 150-200 people. Chances are pretty high that at least one of those people you’re sharing precious air with is carrying something contagious that will make your perfect vacation a whole lot less…perfect.

A strong, healthy immune system is important all year long, but especially when you travel.  Be sure to stay hydrated with lots of filtered water to flush your body and keep your immune system running smoothly. Get enough rest before and during your trip. In addition, the nutraceuticals listed below have been shown to offer targeted support for your immune system, to help keep you healthy and energized throughout your trip.*


No matter how you may try to avoid it, we are all exposed to radiation – both natural and man-made. Natural radiation comes from components of the Earth’s crust, x-rays, outer space and more.  So why should you be concerned about radiation while traveling?

There is a large amount of radiation in outer space (known as cosmic radiation) that reaches the Earth. Normally, the Earth’s atmosphere protects us significantly from the effects of cosmic radiation. However, as you increase in altitude, the Earth’s atmosphere becomes thinner, decreasing its protective abilities. As a result, air travel exposes us to much higher levels of radiation. This may be of particular concern to airline workers and frequent flyers.

Protect yourself from radiation with these proven detoxification and antioxidant formulas:

  • PectaClear® Detox Formula: This clinically proven combination of PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin and Algimate® modified alginates from seaweed helps remove radiation, heavy metals and toxins from the body.*
  • ecoDetox: This comprehensive herbal formula offers powerful detox and antioxidant support which is important when exposed to radiation.* 


Foreign locations often expose us to foreign bacteria, parasites and fungi that the immune system is not used to. Strengthen your digestion and create a protective internal environment to help avoid any unexpected digestive discomfort.

  • Protect against parasites: Ingredients such as clove, black walnut, garlic, pumpkin seeds, goldenseal, MSM and others can kill parasites directly and create an inhospitable environment for them, while helping to maintain your overall health.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are live beneficial organisms, such as bacteria and yeast, which are known to protect the health of intestines, assist digestion and support the immune system, among other benefits. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and other foods, as well as in supplement form.
  • Integrative Digestive Formula®: This formula contains botanicals, enzymes and nutrients to support the health of your digestive system.*

Happy Travels!

You’ve worked hard to earn your vacation. Follow these travel tips to ensure your trip is magical and wonderful – after all, you deserve it!

Got your own travel tips? Share them in the comments below!