Get More Benefit from This Top-Performing Superfood

Get More Benefit from This Top-Performing Superfood

Cacao, goji berries, coconut oil, kale — it seems like everyone is talking about their favorite superfoods lately.

One of the most versatile superfoods may be turmeric. This bright yellow spice is a remarkable botanical shown in studies to support numerous areas of health. Turmeric’s potent and scientifically substantiated active compound, curcumin, is included in some of our top-selling researched products – including ProstaCaid®, a targeted formula that’s been shown in multiple studies to support prostate health from numerous angles.*

With so many important benefits and so much research behind it, we should all be adding more turmeric to our health routine.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why:

Supports Immunity– Research demonstrates that curcumin in turmeric supports the activity of a protein known as CAMP, which helps maintain healthy immune function*

Promotes liver/gallbladder health– Studies have shown that turmeric helps to maintain liver health, particularly during exposure to toxins. For example, turmeric promotes the production of bile to support digestive health and detoxification.*

Cognitive support– Many epidemiologists have long thought that turmeric’s use in India has helped its aging populations maintain cognitive health. New studies are bearing that out, showing that turmeric actively promotes cognitive and neurological health.*

Maintains healthy cells– Numerous studies demonstrate that turmeric delivers powerful benefits for cellular health throughout the body, both for active support as well as long-term maintenance.*

Antioxidants galore– Turmeric’s high antioxidant count offers powerful anti-aging support against rogue free radicals and toxins.*

Digestive health– According to the National Institutes of Health, research has shown that taking turmeric may help relieve occasional upset stomach.*

Detoxification– Because it supports liver health, digestion, immunity and more, turmeric can aid in the process of eliminating health-robbing toxins, and help prevent their accumulation.*

Healthy grilling– Research shows that adding turmeric before grilling can reduce the formation of toxic compounds produced by charred meat — by up to 40 % — making it a great companion spice for your next barbecue.*

Advanced Nutraceutical Formula for Prostate Health

ecoNugenics’ scientifically researched  ProstaCaid contains an enhanced, bioavailable form of curcumin extract called BCM-95®. BCM-95 has been shown to deliver up to 7 times more pharmacologically bioactive curcumin compared to regular turmeric and curcumin products.*

ProstaCaid has been shown in published studies to support prostate cellular health and promote optimal prostate and urinary function, thanks in part to the potent effects of curcumin — one of turmeric’s most powerful active compounds.*

With so many critical benefits being discovered, it’s no wonder that this bright yellow spice makes an excellent addition to advanced nutraceutical formulas and healthy traditional cuisines alike.