Winter Heart Health

Winter Heart Health

Winter Heart Health Tips

Winter is an important season to care for heart health. Cold weather, lack of sunshine, holiday excess, stress, and sedentary habits all take a toll on the cardiovascular system. While the heart is an amazing organ, beating continuously our entire lives, it has limits. Fortunately, even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in heart health.

Of all the factors that influence health, diet is one of the most critical. Perhaps the most important way any of us can love our hearts is by making good food choices. Fruits, vegetables, sprouted whole gains—the heart loves them. What the heart does not love are processed foods high in sugars and trans fats. Organic animal protein is fine, but in moderation.

On the other side of the ledger, unless we’re a triathlete, we could all benefit from more physical activity. Exercise is like a magic bullet for heart health. In addition to conditioning the cardiovascular system and burning calories, activity also reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. Remember, exercise does not have to be painful. Brisk walking, 30 minutes a day, offers numerous health benefits. Indoor routines such as yoga and Tai Chi are perfect for staying in shape during the winter season, and can do wonders for cardiovascular, immune, and overall health.

Cardiovascular Supplements

Another way we can help our hearts is by supplementing wisely. One of ecoNugenics top recommendations for heart health is PectaSol-C®, which is made from modified citrus pectin (MCP). You are already familiar with citrus pectin — you handle it every time you peel an orange. However, citrus pectin doesn’t metabolize well. The molecules are simply too big to absorb into the circulation. PectaSol-C® solves that problem by breaking up those large molecules with a special modification process, which allows for easy absorption and greater bioactivity throughout the body.*

PectaSol-C® supports heart health by inhibiting a protein called galectin-3. In fact, recent research has shown that PectaSol-C binds to galectin-3 to promote healthy arteries and blood vessels.*

Padma Basic® is another excellent heart health supplement that actively supports circulation and overall cardiovascular health. Based on an ancient Tibetan formula, Padma Basic® is a unique herbal blend for circulatory, immune, antioxidant and overall health support.*

Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution to do better by your heart. If so, now is an excellent time to get a head start. Taking care of the heart may be the most significant thing you can do to support overall health.