Healthy, Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Energy

Healthy, Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Energy

Make no mistake: We need our energy! But over-caffeinated, over-sweetened beverages aren’t good for health, or for vitality. Relying on these crash-and-burn stimulants seems to be the norm today, but related health consequences, like heart trouble, adrenal burn out, immune suppression and stress are skyrocketing. Don’t blame it all on a hectic schedule! By incorporating healthy measures to help boost vitality, we can experience better, smoother and more enduring energy throughout the day, and better health over the long term.

Try these tips for healthy, caffeine-free ways to promote natural endurance, concentration, alertness and productivity, while supporting overall health in the process.

Control Stress

Overproduction of stress hormones can cause adrenal fatigue and other imbalances. In other words, long-term stress can be exhausting. Decreasing the impact of stress in your life will help support adrenal and overall health, and reduce the amount of energy used by your body. Over time, you can experience more vitality.


exercise shoes

Increased blood flow from a faster heartbeat pumps more oxygen into your cells and more nutrients into your muscle tissue, allowing you to feel more alert and energetic. In addition, improving your cardiovascular system trains it to work more efficiently, which means using less energy to do the same tasks, and more energy for you.

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Brain cells use large amounts of energy even doing normal, everyday tasks. It’s not only your body that needs to rest — your brain does too. Recharge with 8-9 hours of sleep every night. 

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Water is a primary source of vitality. Proper hydration encourages efficient delivery of oxygen to your muscles. Even mild dehydration can seriously drain your energy. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day can significantly reduce fatigue and improve other areas of health.

Herbs and Spices

The rich, abundant world of herbs and spices offers numerous healthy energy boosters, which act in different ways to support balanced energy. They can work to maintain healthy circulation, heart rate and blood pressure; help balance hormones; support detoxification and digestion; promote antioxidant activity, and provide additional benefits to promote healthy energy levels and sustain mental and physical function. They can be added to teas, drinks, soups, vegetables and other foods, or taken as supplements. Some top recommendations include:

For a delicious, stimulating drink, try spicy lemonade: fresh lemon juice, turmeric and ginger, and organic agave or stevia to taste.

Green Smoothie

Juicing or blending dark leafy greens (such as kale or spinach) rather than cooking them, maintains the natural energy-promoting plant enzymes, which are otherwise destroyed by heat. Leafy greens also contain high levels of chlorophyll, another energizer.

Beneficial Mushrooms

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts treasure certain mushroom species for their abilities to support energy, strength, endurance and general wellness. ecoNugenics recommends two powerful mushroom formulas which help promote overall health and vitality, while supporting immunity, digestion, detoxification and more.*


MycoPhyto Complex® is made with six beneficial mushrooms, grown within a special blend of immune-supporting herbs. This innovative growing method helps increase in the beneficial properties of these mushrooms, as demonstrated in studies. Mycophyto Complex is an excellent supplement during times of stress, or when you need an additional boost for cellular health, immunity, energy and more.* 

TenMushroomTen Mushroom Formula® is a comprehensive blend of ten beneficial mushrooms, which are combined synergistically based on the principles of traditional Chinese herbalism. Ten Mushroom Formula supports numerous areas of health and is an excellent daily tonic for maintaining overall immunity, vitality and energy.*

By incorporating healthy strategies to increase energy and vitality, we can tackle to-do lists with clarity and efficiency, and still have plenty of verve left over for doing the things we love.