How To Meditate

How To Meditate

There are different ways to meditate, and since it’s such a personal practice there are probably more than any of us know about. Here is a simple guide to get started.


Sit yourself comfortably on the floor, a meditation pillow or chair.

You may sit traditionally cross-legged or another position that is comfortable for you.

Close your eyes.

Turn your mind inward and take time to simply be.

Notice all that is going on around you, outside of yourself, without trying to do anything about it.

Now consciously notice the inhale and exhale of your breath.

Breathe naturally through your nose and continue to follow your breath.

Resist the temptation to follow your thoughts.

Remain focused on the sensation of breathing.

As you inhale, feel your lungs expand.

As you exhale, the body’s natural detox, feel your lungs empty.

Continue this pattern.

When the mind wanders, as it will, do not get discouraged, simply move your concentration back to your breath.

5 minutes is all you need to feel the benefits of meditation.

Start small and work your time up from there.

Repeat daily!