Mr. Amazing’s Secrets

Mr. Amazing’s Secrets

Meet Mr. Amazing. Three days a week, he walks 2 ½ miles on the beach and up 14 flights of stairs to his gym, works out for 45 minutes, then heads back downstairs and across the beach. He can do 10 pull-ups and leg press 185 pounds. He spends a good deal of time traveling, volunteering with conservation groups, and working on home improvement projects. He adores his family and always keeps them on their toes with his razor-sharp wit.

Mr. Amazing will be seventy-five years old next year.

How many people of any age do you know who can do ten pull-ups? The activity in this man’s life would wear most people out. So what’s his secret? How does this “elderly” man keep his health so strong that he has more energy than his children and grandchildren?

It’s actually a very simple equation: healthy living = living healthy. Your health can actually increase with age! Here are some of the keys to Mr. Amazing’s success:


Even when away on vacation, Mr. Amazing religiously eats oatmeal with dried fruit every morning for breakfast. If you take a peek in his refrigerator, you’ll find it packed to the brim with fresh, organic vegetables, fruits and lean organic meats like chicken or turkey breast. One of his favorite snacks is raw mixed nuts. While he does splurge on a not-so-good-for-you treat from time to time, he is careful that those unhealthy foods are few and far between.


What helps you exercise? Exercise does. The more you work your body, the easier it gets and the more you can do. Not only does exercise become easier, just about everything else in your life gets better too: daily energy, mood, concentration, weight management, cardiovascular health and more. Mr. Amazing has so much energy that his son-in-law once wore himself out simply following him through a normal day!


Mr. Amazing has a lot of friends. Why? Because happy people are fun to be around. Joy is infectious. Mr. Amazing is always cracking jokes, smiling and generally living his life in a jovial mood. Sure, like everyone else, he has his stress. And, when he does, he actually feels his health being affected: digestion, muscles, energy level and more. Living life in a positive frame of mind without allowing stress to take over truly supports health and wellbeing, not to mention daily energy and general happiness.


No matter how healthy your diet, it’s difficult to consume all the nutrients your body requires for optimal vitality. Mr. Amazing takes vitamin and nutrient supplements every day to make sure his body has everything it needs to support an active lifestyle.

ecoNugenics Men’s Longevity® Essentials Plus is a great addition to a healthy diet. This daily supplement, developed by integrative pioneer Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, offers 46 ingredients to boost men’s health, including essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants. With synergistic combinations of substantiated natural ingredients, this formula is much more than a daily multi, and delivers advanced health support for men of all ages.

This unique formula works to promote vitality, stamina, immunity, hormone balance and overall wellness throughout all stages of a man’s life. In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals in this formula, Men’s Longevity Essentials Plus includes four unique herbal/nutrient blends to support key areas of men’s health:

  • Detox and Liver Support Blend*
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How Do You Celebrate YOUR Mr. Amazing?

This week is National Men’s Health Week, with Father’s Day on Sunday. How will you be celebrating the Mr. Amazing in your life?