These 5 Foods Could Actually Be Hurting Your Metabolic Health

These 5 Foods Could Actually Be Hurting Your Metabolic Health

Metabolic activity in muscle accounts for approximately 25% of total energy expended by the body, but if that metabolism is constantly being slowed down, you’re going to burn less energy throughout the day. Metabolic health is extremely important, and you might be harming it without even knowing it. 

Everyone knows there are foods you can eat to improve your metabolic health, but what about foods that can hurt it? That’s right, you could be hurting your metabolism and not even know it. So before you invest in supplements to increase metabolism and lose weight, here are five foods that could be inhibiting your progress. 

One of the main reasons soda is unhealthy is its use of high-fructose corn syrup. When consumed in equal quantities to sugar, it actually has a more harmful effect on the metabolism. 

White Flour 
White flour is processed in such a way that all of the natural fibers and antioxidants present in wheat grains are all stripped away before it hits the shelf. And as a result of having no fiber, white flour actually slows down your digestive process. 

It’s a painful realization, but butter isn’t great for your body, even though it makes everything taste better. Higher amounts of processed foods and buttery snacks have led to a lot more omega-6 fatty acids in our diets, which are infamous for slowing metabolism. 

Conventional Apples 
Conventional fruit in general has been known to slow metabolism. If you’re looking at fruit over supplements to boost metabolism, you should look towards the organic aisle. The pesticides and other chemicals used on conventional fruit can have harmful effects on your body, and especially on your metabolism. 

Farmed Beef 
If beef isn’t grass-fed, odds are it has more antibiotics in it. While it’s important for beef cows to remain healthy, the aftermath of all those antibiotics takes a toll on our metabolic rates. Grass-fed cows, on the other hand, receive fewer antibiotics and are generally much healthier. As a result, the beef is better for you and for your metabolism. 

The simplest metabolic health products are actually in your own kitchen, but so are the tools that act against supplements to speed up metabolism. So be careful the next time you’re shopping for groceries!