When it Comes to Long-Term Health, Think Small

When it Comes to Long-Term Health, Think Small

Properly Functioning Cellular Systems

All life has something in common — cells. They are amazingly complex, performing countless specialized functions. When cellular systems are working correctly, they inspire awe in even the most seasoned scientists. But when they go wrong, any number of issues can result. This is not a surprise. Cells store energy, pass on information, protect our genetic code, grow, divide and perform thousands of other functions. They make life possible.

Unique Cellular Health Compound

There are many holistic, “big picture” ways to protect and promote overall health–diet and exercise being the most prominent. But what about the “small picture”? What can we do on a cellular level to ensure health? The answer may lie in a unique extract from Magnolia bark. In traditional herbalism, various tree barks have been used throughout centuries for their health benefits. For example, Willow bark had long been used as a painkiller before Bayer isolated and buffered the active ingredient and created aspirin.

Powerful Honokiol

Magnolia bark produces a substance called Honokiol, which has been used in traditional Asian practices for a variety of conditions. Recent research has shown that Honokiol protects and promotes healthy cell growth and behavior. It works by influencing numerous complex cell signaling pathways to ensure optimal cellular functioning. Here at ecoNugenics, it’s Honokiol’s profound cellular benefits that interest us most.* So we created a supplement called HonoPure®, which contains over 98% pure Honokiol.

Free Radicals & Antioxidant Support

HonoPure® promotes healthy cell growth and protection, supports a healthy mood, and is a potent antioxidant.* This last one is particularly important. Toxin exposure, aging and other factors can result in the accumulation of highly reactive oxidative molecules, called free radicals, throughout our bodies. Because they are so reactive, free radicals can wreak havoc and damage cells, tissues and organs. Pure Honokiol has been shown to combat free radicals by acting as a strong antioxidant. In fact, it is shown to be 1,000 times more powerful than vitamin E, a popular anti-oxidant.

Healthy Cells

HonoPure® is also an effective supplement for balanced mood support. Even at 500 mg per day, HonoPure® can offer relaxation and support for a healthy mood.* Perhaps the most significant benefit of Honokiol is its ability to encourage healthy cell growth.* As we age, this ability can become hindered, and as a result, our bodies suffer. Our skin isn’t as elastic as it once was, minor injuries take longer to heal and vitality gradually diminishes. Honokiol has been shown to promote cellular health, maintaining healthy cell function, growth and energy.

Big Picture

So when thinking about health, don’t forget to think small. Keeping cells happy can bring big benefits and help preserve long-term health.