Sleepless Summer Nights

Sleepless Summer Nights

Why does summer seem to be the worst time to get your zzzs? While certainly everyone is unique, the longer, hotter days have something to do with it. Circadian rhythms are our biological response to the rhythms of the natural world, in particular the 24 hour solar cycle, and these natural rhythms can have a significant impact on our bodies and overall health.

For example, recent research demonstrates how altered sleep schedules affect shift workers. As it turns out, living counter to our natural cycles can be harmful, even disrupting cellular health. 

In particular, ignoring circadian rhythms can interfere with melatonin production, a hormone governed by the cycles of light and dark, controlling our sleep patterns and other important functions. On top of that, melatonin is a powerful antioxidant. And we need sufficient darkness for our pineal glands to produce it. That’s what makes us sleepy at night. 

Heat is another issue. When our bodies can’t cool off properly, it can prevent us from reaching deeper sleep patterns. 

HonoPure® Supports Deep Sleep

Obviously, we can’t turn off the solar cycle. When summer comes, days get longer, nights warm up and we tend to stay awake later.

For healthy relaxation and sleep, there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Many doctors and practitioners are now recommending pure honokiol, an extract from magnolia bark that has long been used in Eastern herbal traditions.  

Pure honokiol is earning a reputation among health professionals for its many benefits, including healthy relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Research also suggests that honokiol can address inflammation caused by strenuous exercise. In other words, for over-exertion, honokiol can help keep us cool and protected – ideal for the heat and activity of summer.*

In fact, pure Honokiol performs a number of useful tasks in our bodies. It provides excellent cellular support and protection for numerous areas of health.  It’s also a powerful antioxidant, demonstrating free radical scavenging abilities a thousand times more powerful than vitamin E.*

Most importantly for this discussion, pure Honokiol provides a natural calming effect that supports a healthy mood and can aid the transition to restful, rejuvenative sleep — without causing dependency or next-day drowsiness.*

ecoNugenics recommends HonoPure® 98% Pure Honokiol, one of the purest sources of Honokiol available. In addition to promoting natural calm, a healthy mood and more restful sleep, HonoPure offers significant antioxidant support and can help you maintain cellular health, naturally.*HonoPure - Pure Honokiol Extract

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