This Backyard Menace is One of the Healthiest Foods

This Backyard Menace is One of the Healthiest Foods



They’re the ubiquitous little yellow flowers known as dandelions, and they’re one of nature’s great survivors, capable of thriving just about anywhere.

Despite seeing them all the time, we don’t really tend to notice them a whole lot. But now that more people are interested in natural health and even wildcrafting and foraging, these humble little plants are starting to get the widespread recognition they deserve as beneficial, nutritious herbs.

If you want to harvest dandelion fresh, be sure to pick it from a pristine area, away from high-pollution spots alongside the highway or around sprayed lawns, etc. You can also purchase fresh dandelion leaf from the produce section of a health food store during the spring and add it to salads, soups or juices (the taste is very bitter). It’s also found in prepared forms like teas, supplements or extracts. The leaf and root are the parts most commonly used.

Dandelion boasts a long history of traditional use and has been cherished by herbalists for its numerous beneficial properties and actions. Its best known role today relates to detoxification and total body cleansing: Dandelion supports the liver, kidneys and digestive tract on multiple levels, offering a safe and versatile ally in the removal of toxins, heavy metals and pollutants from deep within.*

Here are just some of dandelion’s remarkable benefits:

Antioxidant support: Dandelion is an excellent source of antioxidants, which help to support our cells and organs against the effects of free radicals.*

Bone health: Calcium, one of the building blocks of healthy bones, is found naturally in dandelion, along with other bone-supporting minerals and nutrients.*

Detoxification: Dandelion is excellent for helping our organs of elimination in their natural detoxification roles. It supports healthy kidneys and urine flow; helps clear toxins from the circulation; supports bile production to help the liver remove toxins; supports gallbladder function and promotes healthy digestion.*

Nutritional Support: Dandelion is one of the most nutrient-dense herbs commonly available today. In addition to calcium, dandelion is high in vitamin A and potassium for healthy cells and tissues and optimal immunity.* It’s also relatively high in vitamins B, C, D; iron, copper, magnesium, choline, silicon, and other nutrients.

Digestive aid: Did you know that dandelion can also help promote digestion, stimulate the appetite and help balance intestinal bacteria?

Comprehensive, Total-Body Cleansing

EcoNugenics values the wisdom present in nature’s most beneficial plants. For optimal detoxification and antioxidant support, we recommend ecoDetox®, a synergistic blend of some of the most powerful yet gentle herbs, nutrients and extracts for total-body cleansing and vital energy. As an important component in ecoDetox®, dandelion works together with other ingredients in the formula such as milk thistle, cilantro, alpha lipoic acid, N- acetyl cysteine, reduced glutathione and additional detox-supporting herbs and nutrients. The result is a comprehensive formula to help remove heavy metals, toxins and pollutants from the body; support detoxification organs and antioxidant activity and promote optimal vitality, naturally.*

Get a head start on your 2014 total health plan with this versatile and time-honored “weed.”

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  1. jeffrey dunmore at 6:08 pm

    Great information and follow up resources

  2. jeffrey dunmore at 6:08 pm

    Great information and follow up resources