The Health Power of Broccoli

The Health Power of Broccoli

Broccoli, cabbage, leafy greens, cauliflower—your mother insisted they were good for you while you defiantly pushed them around your plate. Perhaps you didn’t believe they were all that good for you. If they’re so great, why don’t they taste better?

Turns out your mother was right. These cruciferous vegetable have a profound influence on cellular health. In fact, a study by Vanderbilt University’s Ingram Center showed that a diet full of cruciferous vegetables significantly protects and supports breast cellular health.

Maintaining Balance

We already knew quite a bit about how cabbage and cauliflower contribute to good health, and this study adds another layer of evidence. But what is it about cruciferous vegetables that make our cells so happy? In a word, it’s indoles.

Indoles are organic compounds that have a positive impact on cellular health. One in particular, diindolylmethane (DIM) has been shown to support the immune system and help keep hormones in balance, particularly estrogen.  In the body, estrogen gets broken down into a variety of metabolites, some of which promote cellular health.  Unfortunately, others can cause problems. DIM has been shown to help the body produce beneficial estrogen metabolites with anti-oxidative effects.

Of course, certain estrogen metabolites, which have been associated with chemical exposure and other causes, have been shown to derail cellular health. The beauty of DIM is that it has been proven to increase the good kind of hormone metabolites, and decrease the kind that can challenge health.

Breast, prostate and other areas of hormone-related cellular health depend on this delicate balance. DIM as well as broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables offer critical support in maintaining healthy levels of hormones, while providing additional benefits for cellular health and protection.

Broccoli for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

If broccoli tasted like chocolate, most of us would be eating it all day long. But the reality is, broccoli tastes like… broccoli. And we would have to eat large quantities to gain the full benefits of DIM.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to get the benefits of DIM without having to steam up mounds of cruciferous vegetables—BreastDefend®, is a scientifically researched natural supplement for breast health. Because the DIM in these targeted formulas is purified, the body can absorb it easily.

As a result, you can gain the powerful benefits without having to overwhelm your taste buds.

In addition to concentrated DIM, BreastDefend® contains four clinically proven, protective botanical extracts:

  • Quercetin  BreastDefend
  • BCM 95, a highly bio-available form of curcumin (turmeric rhizome extract)
  •  Astragalus root extract
  •  Proprietary Chinese Skullcap extract

Completing the formula are three herbal-enhanced mushrooms that have been extensively researched for their support in breast health: Coriolus, Reishi, and Phellinus linteus. These mushrooms are grown on a proprietary blend of immune enhancing herbs and brown rice, which gives an extra boost to their powerful health promoting properties.  

BreastDefend® for breast health, is a scientifically researched formula that maintains cellular health, support the immune system and promote hormonal balance that is so critical to keeping us healthy over time.


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    Excelent;I love brocoli and the others crucipheros. Ave very protective fon men.